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Known issues

Features of mobile data collection or project authoring that don't behave as expected or intended, as well as any potential solutions or workarounds, are described below.

To report or learn more about bugs in QuickCapture, visit Support.

Mobile workers

Project authors

Decimal commas cannot be entered on some Samsung devices.

The default numerical keyboard on some Samsung devices does not support decimal commas. This means that it is not possible to enter a decimal antenna height or geoid separation value when configuring an external GNSS receiver. This problem only occurs with the default keyboard provided on some Samsung devices and can be avoided by using a keyboard that does support decimal commas.

Records cannot be captured when QuickCapture is running in the background on Android Q.

On Android Q devices, to allow capture of records when QuickCapture is running in the background, you must choose Allow all the time for the Allow to access this device's location setting. If you chose a different option when prompted, you can change your response to this question by going to Settings > Privacy > Permission manager > Location, choosing QuickCapture, and then choosing Allow all the time.

Point records that are collected in continuous mode fail to send.

If the point layer has been configured to both accept user input and collect records in continuous mode, records will fail to send. These records need to be discarded on the mobile device. The project author should update the project, removing either the user input or continuous mode. The mobile worker can then update the project and capture and send new records.

QuickCapture does not launch from a custom URL that contains spaces in the Safari browser.

This is a known limitation for Safari on iOS. Custom URLs that include a user input value containing a space will fail to launch.

QuickCapture does not launch from links within Collector for ArcGIS or Explorer for ArcGIS on iOS.

This is a known limitation for iOS. Links do launch from apps on Windows and Android.

Emojis cannot be used in a field name.

Although a feature service that contains emojis in field names can be created, data cannot be submitted to the feature service with any tool.

Nonfederated services require credentials to be saved in the item.

The web designer and mobile app only support nonfederated services if the service has been secured with token-based security and credentials have been saved in the corresponding item to which the service was added.