Release notes for ArcGIS Pro Intelligence 2.8

The ArcGIS Pro Intelligence 2.8 release (May 2021) includes new and improved functionality and bug fixes.

What's new

  • Link Analysis updates include the following:
    • Build entity types from multiple fields in the input layer. This is useful if the data source contains fields of both source and target of the same entity type.
    • Filter entities in a link chart by the number of connected links. You can limit entities drawn by with a minimum number of connections.
    • Create relationships from a foreign source feature that is not part of an entity. For example, you can create entities from bank accounts and use a separate transactions table to connect the account entities.
    • Cancel long draw times on complex link charts by clicking the Refresh button.
    • See the filtered and total numbers of nodes and links in the bottom of the link chart.
    • Several performance improvements were made to speed up entity creation.
  • Timeline updates include the following:
    • Added map extent and selection filtering to timelines
    • Fixed a resizing issue that caused timeline status bar items to overlap
    • Fixed symbol drawing and lane adjustment after modifying symbol size
    • Fixed timelines to filter correctly when doing a search in the Contents pane
    • Added Refresh button to reload data from source layers
  • Several updates to the ArcGIS Pro Intelligence interface include the following:
    • Added Map To KML tool to Disseminate > Map
    • Added Swipe and Flicker to Imagery > Compare
  • Additional features include the following:
    • Update to geoprocessing tools to support outputs to a mobile geodatabases
    • New essential terms help topic that will be useful to intelligence users new to geospatial information
  • Minor bug fixes include the following:
    • Fixes to Generate Coverage Areas and Generate Blind Spot Areas to support output shapefiles
    • Fixes to HLZ Suitability raster functions in Raster Functions > Custom > Intelligence

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