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ArcGIS for Power BI provides two environments for viewing and working with the visualization: Reading view and Author mode. Map tools for designers appear on the map when you're editing the visualization. Designers can also customize several features, such as turning off navigation buttons, anchoring the Layers list, and locking the map extent, among others. These options affect how consumers will see and interact with the map.

Reader view

When you're viewing a report or dashboard enabled for ArcGIS for Power BI in Reading view, you'll see the map as it was created by the designer. Depending on how the author has created the map, you may not have access to some of the features described. The sections below describe the visualization's default settings; customizations are indicated where applicable.

The tools available in Reading view are identified below.

ArcGIS map shown in Reader view.

  1. Map tools—Expand the tool set.
  2. Selection tools—The currently active tool is visible by default. Click to expand the toolbar. Different selection tools appear, depending on the active layer. Click to view available selection tools.
  3. Search—Search for an address or point of interest and pin its location on the map. If the Search tool does not appear, the report designer has turned off this feature on the map.
  4. Analysis tools—In Reader view, this tool appears only if the report designer has included data to perform a Find Similar analysis.
  5. Settings—Access the ArcGIS for Power BI online help, run a publish or embed check on a map, view map attribution details, and specify Esri User Experience Improvement preferences.
  6. Profile—View details about the account you're connected to.
  7. Navigation tools—Zoom in and out of the map. The navigation tools are available only if the designer has enabled them. If they don't appear in the map tools, use the mouse or keyboard commands to navigate the map.
  8. Layers list—Shows the contents of the map. Each map layer appears in the list as a separate item, with its own set of tools. Expand each layer item to view its legend. When creating the map, the designer can anchor the Layers list as shown so that it always appears on the map. If the Layers list is not anchored, click the Layers button Layer list in the map tools.

  9. Tooltips—Hover over locations on the map to view information about that location.
  10. Infographics cards—Cards that display demographic information about the currently visible area of the map, or the areas surrounding currently selected points on the map. Infographics cards appear only if the report designer has configured them.

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