What's new

ArcGIS for Power BI is updated regularly to provide new features, improved speed and usability, and bug fixes. The 2022.4 update is a minor release. Updates have been made to the following features:

  • Drill through—This Microsoft Power BI feature has been enabled in ArcGIS for Power BI. Visit Drill through for more information.
  • Buffer/Drive time analysis—This feature has been updated for users with an ArcGIS account to provide more travel time/distance options, the ability to use live traffic in your calculations, and to calculate distance or time to or from your selected starting points.
  • Additional support, bug fixes, and ongoing improvements—Support for IWA/PKI has been added. A change to the EUEI program was implemented. This program is now turned off by default. Some clarification was added related to adding a reference layer from ArcGIS for Standard users.

Visit the ArcGIS for Power BI Esri Community page to learn more and to join the community conversation.