What's new

ArcGIS for Power BI is updated regularly to provide new features, improved speed and usability, and bug fixes. The 2022.2 update is a major release. Performance improvements and bug fixes have been made to the following features:

  • Basemap gallery—This gallery has been updated with a more compact layout.
  • Infographics cards—Users with a Standard license can now select either Radius or Drive Time data categories and a maximum of two infographics cards. Users with an ArcGIS account can select all travel and distance categories and a maximum of five infographics cards.
  • Reference layer tool—An update was made to the filter and sort interfaces and to the number of items that you can display. See Add a reference layer for more information.
  • Search tool pin settings—Users can no longer change the pin color.
  • Settings tool—This tool has been standardized for all languages.

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