Navigate the map

There are several ways you can navigate an ArcGIS for Power BI map. Pan and zoom using the mouse, keyboard commands, or navigation buttons.


Report designers can turn off navigation tools in the visualization's Format pane. If navigation tools are unavailable, consumers can use the mouse or keyboard commands to zoom and pan the map. Navigation tools are turned off by default.

The report designer can also lock the map extent to display only a specific area. In this case, users must unlock the map to enable zooming and panning.

Navigate with the mouse

To begin exploring the map with your mouse, move the mouse pointer so it is in the middle of the map display. Use the following list as a guide for navigation actions with the mouse:

  • To move or pan the map, drag the map in the direction you want it to move.
  • To zoom in to a specific area on the map, press the Shift key and drag a rectangle to designate the area of interest.

    You can also use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Rotate the wheel up to zoom in and rotate down to zoom out.

  • To zoom out to a specific area on the map, press Shift+Ctrl and drag a rectangle to designate the area of interest.

Navigate with keyboard commands

Use the following keys to execute navigation operations:

  • Press + to zoom in.
  • Press - to zoom out.

Zoom with the navigation tools

The navigation tools are located on the right side of the map and allow you to zoom in and out on the map.

  • Click the Zoom In button Zoom in to zoom in.
  • Click the Zoom Out button Zoom out to zoom out.