Data transfer

When you work with an ArcGIS for Power BI visual, some information from your Power BI dataset is sent to Esri servers to find locations and render them on the map.

User data is stored on Microsoft servers using the Power BI persistence API. No user data that originates from Power BI is saved to or stored on Esri servers, and any interaction with Esri servers is transient. Esri servers that perform analysis services are all located in the United States.

ArcGIS for Power BI only sends data from the following areas:

  • Location field well—When you place an address, boundary, or other location type in this field well, that data is sent to Esri servers to be converted to latitude and longitude coordinates and rendered on the map.

  • Latitude and longitude field wells

    • When you create a drive-time search area, ArcGIS for Power BI sends the latitude and longitude information of the location used as the area focal point to Esri servers to generate the search area polygon.
    • Data in the latitude and longitude field wells is also sent to Esri servers when you select locations on the map to interact with infographics cards. ArcGIS for Power BI uses an Esri service to request infographics information based on your selection or on the current map extent.
    • When you add locations to the map using latitude and longitude coordinates, ArcGIS for Power BI uses its own geolocation capabilities to find locations. No information is transmitted to Esri servers during geolocation.

  • Search fields—When you add a reference layer to your map, information that you type in the search fields is sent to Esri servers.

No other information from your dataset is sent to Esri servers.