Change settings

You can do the following in the Settings pane:

  • Get help.
  • Run a publish or embed check on a map.
  • Submit feedback about ArcGIS for Power BI.
  • View map attribution details.
  • Change EUEI preferences.

Get help

ArcGIS for Power BI includes online help to guide you through designing and using map visualizations. Click the Help button to open the online help in your default browser.

Run a publish or embed check on a map

Specific requirements must be met to enable embedding a map or publishing it to a website. Use this feature to verify the map to ensure it meets these requirements. For details, see Publish to web or Embed a map-enabled report.

Submit feedback

Click Submit feedback to join Esri Community. Connect with other ArcGIS for Power BI users and discuss ideas for enhancements to ArcGIS for Power BI.

View attribution details

Each map consists of a basemap and a variety of Power BI data layers or layers added from ArcGIS content, and the attribution identifies the author or source of the content. This information appears in the Settings pane for each map.

Change EUEI preferences

ArcGIS for Power BI provides Esri with information about how you use the product through the Esri User Experience Improvement (EUEI) program. The program collects anonymous information about your computer hardware and how you use ArcGIS for Power BI without interrupting your work. The program is completely voluntary and anonymous. Esri does not use any of the information collected to identify or contact you.

The EUEI program is turned off by default. To opt in, do the following:

  1. From the Map tools, click the Settings button Settings.

    The Settings pane appears.

    EUEI program setting

    The EUEI program setting applies to all ArcGIS for Power BI visualizations on a report.

  2. Turn on the Send usage data to Esri toggle button.

    Click the Learn more link to view more information about the program.

  3. To opt out of the EUEI program at any time, turn off the Send usage data to Esri toggle button.