ArcGIS requirements

Signing in to ArcGIS for Power BI with your ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise organizational account helps you access private and secure content from your organization.

Your ArcGIS account must have the required user type and role privileges. Public ArcGIS accounts are not supported.

ArcGIS user type and role

To perform all functions associated with an ArcGIS for Power BI role, your system administrator must grant your ArcGIS account the required user type and role privileges. Not all ArcGIS for Power BI users can perform all functions.

The following are the user type and role settings:

  • Report designers—User type and role set to Creator or higher
  • Report consumers—User type and role set to Viewer or higher

For more information about ArcGIS user types, see User Types: Building blocks of organizations. To inquire about ArcGIS licensing, contact Esri. If you are located in the United States, you can send an email to or call 1-888-377-4575 (choose option 5). Outside of the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

ArcGIS services and privileges

To use ArcGIS for Power BI with ArcGIS, your ArcGIS account must have access to the following services:

  • ArcGIS World Geocoding Service or locator service
  • GeoEnrichment Service
  • Network analysis service

You must sign in to ArcGIS with a user account that includes privileges to view content and groups in an ArcGIS Online ArcGIS organization or an on-premises ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. Public ArcGIS accounts are not supported.

The following account privileges, available under General privileges, are required:

  • Members > View
  • Groups > Join organizational groups
  • Groups > View groups shared with portal
  • Content > View content shared with portal
  • Content > Content and analysis > Geocoding, GeoEnrichment, Network analysis

If one or more of these services or privileges are not available, some ArcGIS for Power BI functionality is not available or has limited capabilities, such as the following examples:

  • Geocoding—If the Geocoding service is not available, you cannot add locations to the map using address data. Use latitude and longitude coordinates or map your data using standard administrative boundaries.
  • Find nearby—If the Network analysis service is not available, the Find Nearby feature has limited capabilities. Although you can create a radius buffer, you cannot perform drive-time analysis.
  • Location type—If the Geocoding and GeoEnrichment services are not available, the Location type feature is unavailable.
  • Infographics—If the GeoEnrichment service is not available, the Infographics feature is unavailable. If the GeoEnrichment service is available but the Network analysis service is not, the Infographics feature has limited capabilities. You can only create study areas for infographics cards.
  • ArcGIS Living Atlas—This feature must be explicitly enabled by your ArcGIS Enterprise administrator. If ArcGIS Living Atlas is not enabled in your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, it is not available in ArcGIS for Power BI.