Lock the map extent

ArcGIS for Power BI maps are dynamic—they automatically pan and zoom to a location when you add pins or layers to the map, filter other visuals, or otherwise interact with the map.

Sometimes, you want the map extent—that is, the current size and position of the map view—to remain locked in position so that the map doesn't automatically zoom when other events cause the map to update. Locking the map view allows you to work with the map while maintaining a consistent view of the map. It also allows you, as the map designer, to specify exactly how a viewer initially sees the map so that you can tell your story accurately.

You can restrict the map view while you perform the following activities:

  • Add a data layer to the map.
  • Drag fields into the Size, Color, Time, Tooltips, or Find Similar field wells.
  • Enable clustering.
  • Add pins.
  • Add a drive-time layer.
  • Add a layer from ArcGIS.
  • Filter other visualizations.

When you're done creating the map, you can lock the map extent so that report viewers will see the map exactly as you intended. When the map extent is locked, events that cause a selection change on the map or filters applied to the data will not change the map display.

Disable automatic zoom

By default, automatic zoom is turned on for all maps. To disable automatic zoom while you work with your map or when you save a report, follow these steps:

  1. Open a map-enabled report or dashboard, or create a new one.
  2. In the Visualizations pane, click the Format tab Format visualization.
  3. Expand the Map tools category.
  4. Move the Lock extent toggle button to the Off position.

    The Lock extent and Zoom tools settings cannot both be on at the same time. When you turn one setting on, the other setting is automatically turned off.

    The map view is locked in its current position. You cannot zoom or pan while the Lock extent setting is turned on.

  5. Create and style the map to accurately tell your story.
  6. To ensure that your viewers will initially see the map exactly as you intended, lock the map extent before you save the report.

Enable automatic zoom

If the map designer locked the map extent when saving the report, the map will not update when, for example, a viewer clicks another visual to filter the map or otherwise causes the selection on the map to change.