Change the basemap

A basemap provides a background, or visual context, for the data in a map. For example, a basemap showing streets can provide context for your address data. ArcGIS for Power BI includes a selection of basemaps for you to use in your visualization.

When you first add an ArcGIS for Power BI visualization to your Power BI report, the map displays the default Light Gray Canvas basemap or, if you're signed in to your ArcGIS account, the default basemap specified by your ArcGIS administrator. You can change the basemap at any time to one of the other basemaps provided, but a basemap is required on all maps and cannot be excluded. The basemap does not appear in the Layers list.

Enable the Basemap tool

As a report designer, you can enable the Basemap tool for consumers who will view and interact with the map. Changes to the basemap initiated by consumers are active for the current session only; they are not saved with the map. The Basemap tool is turned off by default.

To enable the Basemap tool, turn the Basemap option in the map visual's Format pane to the on position. See Format the map visual for detailed information.

Choose a new basemap

To change the basemap, do the following:

  1. From the map tools, click Basemap Basemap.

    To display the map tools, click the Map tools button Map tools.

    The Basemap pane appears, showing thumbnails of available basemaps.

    If you're using the standard ArcGIS for Power BI that comes with Power BI, you can choose from four basic basemaps. If you sign in using your ArcGIS account, you'll have access to all the basemaps in your organization in addition to the standard basemaps.

  2. Scroll through the Esri gallery to find an appropriate basemap, or click Organization to see basemaps available in your ArcGIS organization. Alternatively, type a keyword in the Search basemaps field to search for a specific basemap in your organization.
  3. Click a basemap to select it.

    The map automatically displays the new basemap.

Basemap considerations

Keep the following in mind when changing the basemap.

Projection change

If the basemap you chose uses a different spatial reference system than that of the current basemap, the locations on the map must be reloaded to reflect the new projection. A message appears, stating that the basemap will be updated the next time the visual loads, and an Attention icon Basemap projection changed appears at the bottom of the map. You can continue editing the map; when you're finished, save the report, and then close and reopen it, or switch between report pages to refresh the map and apply the new basemap.

Vector tile basemaps

If you're signed in using your ArcGIS account, ArcGIS for Power BI uses the default basemap set in your organization when you create a new map. If your organization's default basemap is a vector tile basemap and your browser doesn't support vector tile layers, the default basemap will be replaced with the standard Light Gray Canvas raster basemap.