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Operation Views


Operations Views (Operations Dashboard v10.3.4) are in mature support and retiring as of January 1, 2019.

Before Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS existed as the browser app it is today, it was a Windows app with a browser viewer. The Windows app authored operation views, and those operation views could be used in the Windows app, or with some restrictions, in the browser.

You are encouraged to migrate to dashboards and the web authoring experience now provided by Operations Dashboard. Dashboards are similar to operation views with a few key differences:

  • Dashboards are authored in a web browser, instead of a Windows app that you need to download and install.
  • Dashboards are managed right in your organization in a new dashboard home page—view, edit, delete, and see their details.
  • Interactive dashboards let you visualize your data and filter on demand, updating elements throughout your dashboard based on a particular time, geographic extent, or features you've selected.
  • More of the modern capabilities of the ArcGIS platform are supported in dashboards. This includes labels, smart mapping, vector basemaps, stream layers, heat map renderers, and Arcade expressions.
  • Charting is completely redone in dashboards, bringing more chart types, stacking, and the ability to match your chart and map symbol colors.
  • Elements (similar to the widgets of an operation view) come with attractive, intuitive defaults, but also provide you with more control over their look and feel. You can specify fonts, colors, rich text, icons, and HTML symbols. You can even control the formatting of the dates and numbers.
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