Navigate the map

There are several options for navigating a map. You can pan and zoom it using the mouse or zoom in and out using the zoom tools.

Zoom and pan with the mouse

To begin exploring using the mouse, move the mouse pointer so it is in the middle of the map. Use the following list as a guide to complete navigation actions with the mouse:

  • To move or pan the map, click and drag the map in the direction you want it to move.
  • To zoom in to a specific area on the map, press the Shift key while dragging a rectangle to designate the area of interest.

    You can also use the mouse wheel button to zoom in and out. Rotate the wheel up to zoom in and rotate it down to zoom out.

  • To zoom out to a specific area on the map, press Shift+Ctrl while dragging a rectangle to designate the area of interest.
  • To zoom in on the map at the location of the mouse pointer, double-click the point of interest.

Zoom in and out using the zoom tools

The Zoom in and Zoom out buttons are at the lower corner of the map.

To use the zoom tools, do the following:

  • Click the Zoom In button Zoom In to zoom in.
  • Click the Zoom Out button Zoom Out to zoom out.

Find address or place

The Search tool is located in the map tools. Use this tool to type a place name or location in the text box and zoom to that location on the map.

To find a location, do the following:

  1. From the map tools, select Search Search.

    A search box appears on the map.

  2. Type a place name, address, or coordinates. For example, type Las Vegas.

    Alternatively, you can select Use current location to find your current physical location on the map.

    As you type, a list of potential candidate matches appears.

  3. Press Enter to search for your location, or select a result from the potential matches.

    The map zooms to the location. A pop-up appears containing information about that location and additional search results.

    If you typed a generic phrase, such as museums, the map zooms to the closest location that matches the search results based on the center of the map extent.