Link multiple map views

Working with multiple map views allows you to see spatially related content side by side. You can synchronize your maps to work together so that you can use multiple maps simultaneously to illustrate a scenario.

When you enable map view linking, all maps in your workbook automatically link to the active view. This includes any hidden or collapsed maps and new maps added to the workbook after map view linking is enabled.

The primary, or active, view directs and coordinates all the other views linked to it. When you select a map and turn on map view linking, all other map views automatically update their extents to match the primary map view. The primary view is the one you're using to direct the navigation. If you click another map while linking is turned on, that map then becomes the new primary view and directs the views of the other maps in the workbook.

To optimize the visual experience, arrange the layout of your maps so that you can see them all. See Arrange maps for more information.

Enable map view linking

To link map views, do the following:

  1. Click the map you want to use as the primary view, and set the extent and zoom level as desired.

    See Navigate the map for more information.

  2. On the ArcGIS ribbon in Excel, click Link Map Views.

    The Link Map Views window appears, showing all the maps available in the workbook.

  3. Choose the map to use as the primary view and click OK.

    The zoom level and extent of all maps are linked. When you pan or zoom the primary map view, the display of all other maps in the workbook changes simultaneously to match that of the primary.

    When map view linking is enabled, the button on the ribbon changes to an Unlink Map Views button.


    If you save and close your workbook with linking enabled, map views remain linked when you reopen the workbook. In new workbooks, map view linking is off by default.

Turn off map view linking

To unlink map views, click the Unlink Map Views button on the ArcGIS ribbon in Excel. You can navigate individual maps independently of each other. The ArcGIS ribbon shows the Link Map Views button.