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Integrate with Collector

Using Collector, you can open Navigator to get directions to a location, and resume your data collection once you have arrived. By switching between Navigator and Collector to accomplish different tasks, your mobile workforce will be more productive and efficient.


To proceed with this exercise, you must have the latest versions of Collector and Navigator installed on your device.

Open a map

In Collector, find and open a map you'll use for data collection.

  1. Start Collector.
  2. Sign in using your ArcGIS organizational account.

    The Map Gallery displays a list of maps available to you.

  3. Select Overflow Overflow.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Under Navigation and directions, confirm that Use Navigator for ArcGIS is enabled.
  6. Select Collector Collector to return to the Map Gallery.
  7. Open a map that contains your current location.

Choose a location to navigate to

In Collector, choose a location you want to get directions to.

  1. In Collector, select a feature or place on the map.
  2. Select the arrow to the right of the feature or place's result Feature Action.
  3. Select Directions to here.

    Navigator for ArcGIS opens.

  4. If you are not already signed in to Navigator, do so. To use Navigator, your ArcGIS organizational account must be provisioned with a Navigator for ArcGIS license.

    Your ArcGIS organizational administrator is responsible for configuring this license. If you don't have an ArcGIS organizational account, sign up for a free ArcGIS trial. If you are a member of an organization on ArcGIS Online but need a Navigator for ArcGIS trial license added to it, request a free trial on the Navigator ArcGIS Marketplace listing. If you have an ArcGIS Enterprise account but need a Navigator for ArcGIS trial license added to it, have your ArcGIS organizational administrator send an email to

Start navigating

In Navigator, go to the location where you will continue your data collection.

  1. In Navigator, open a map of your area. For example, if you are located in California, you will need to use a map of California.

    If you do not already have a map of your area downloaded on your device, select Add map Add map, search for a map of your area, and select Download Download to download a map onto your device. See Navigator map coverage for details about which regions currently have navigation maps.

    The route to your destination is displayed in Navigator.

  2. Select Overflow Overflow and select Directions to display turn-by-turn directions.
  3. Select Back Back to dismiss the list.
  4. Select Start Navigation Navigate to get voice-guided directions to your destination.
    The first time you start navigating, a safety warning appears stating that you should not use the app unless you are at a complete stop. Select OK to continue.

    If you prefer to mute the voice-guided directions, select Volume Volume.

    As you drive, the map and directions update. If you drive off-route, a new route will be calculated from your current location.

Return to Collector

After you have reached your destination, you see a message in Navigator. Select Yes to return to Collector and resume your data collection.

You should now be familiar with how to open Navigator from Collector. From here, think about how you can use this functionality to switch between getting directions to your organization's assets and gathering data once you have arrived at those assets.