Responder Sketch tool

It is recommended that you read Chats with sketches in ArcGIS Mission if you have not already done so.

The Sketch tool gives Responder users the ability to add location-based map graphics to any chat in ArcGIS Mission. These graphics are included as part of a chat thread and can be sent independently, with text, with photo attachments, or any combination of the three.


Because sketches contain geographic information and can be paired with text and image attachments, they are sometimes referred to as geomessages. The terms sketch and geomessage can sometimes be interchangeable, but the term geomessage is most often used to refer to a sketch that has been paired with text or other information.

Sketches come in three types—points, lines, and polygons—and are drawn by hand on the mission map.

  • Point of interest—A map pin used to indicate a single point on a map
  • Line—A map graphic often used to indicate boundaries, roads, or other linear features
  • Polygon—A map graphic used to denote contiguous areas of various types
Each of these types has different options for how they are drawn, but all are accessed from the Chat tools.

Create a sketch

To create a sketch inside a chat thread, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the chat thread in which you want to send the sketch, or create one.
  2. Tap the Sketch tool, located to the left of the text chat field.

    A dialog box appears with Add a point and Freehand draw options.

  3. Tap to select the type of sketch you want to send.

    The mission map opens.

  4. Draw your sketch on the mission map.
    • For points, tap the desired location. After your point has been placed, you can change the color.
    • For lines, draw with your fingertip across the map. After your line is drawn, you can change the color. Also, if your line is straight enough, you will be given the option to use a smart-drawing feature. Tap that option to draw a straight line between the two endpoints of the line you drew previously.
    • For polygons, draw the outline of your polygon on the map, ensuring that the endpoints of your outline are in close proximity to each other. When complete, you will be given the option to fill the polygon, which will automatically connect the endpoints. After your polygon has been created, you can change the drawing color. You will also be given smart-drawing options for circles and rectangles, if your original drawing is similar enough to the shape.

After completing the drawing, you can send it as is, or you can send it with text or attachments. After sending, your sketch appears in the chat thread with any associated text or photo attachments.

View sketch details

To view details about a sketch, you need to access the Sketch Details screen. You can do this from the chat thread in which the sketch was sent, or you can open it from the mission map, as described below. The Sketch Details screen displays information about the sketch, including the following:

  • The sender of the sketch
  • The time and date the sketch was sent
  • The geographic coordinates of the centerpoint of the sketch
  • Any text chats or attachments sent with the sketch

To open the Sketch Details screen from the mission map, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the mission map screen.
  2. Locate the sketch on the map.
  3. Tap the sketch.

To open any attachments displayed on the Sketch Details screen, tap them and your device's native image viewer will open the image.