Learn ArcGIS Mission Manager capabilities

ArcGIS Mission Manager includes capabilities that allow you to interact with every phase of a mission, from planning to execution. The information below can help you use the Manager app.

View missions

The View Missions tab allows you to search a list of all the missions you can access, as well as review the summary and status of those missions.


A mission can be set to draft, active, or complete. See Mission status to learn how status affects the ways you can interact with a mission.

Create a mission

In the Create a mission section, the following topics discuss the first steps to take when using ArcGIS Mission Manager:

Mission details

The Mission details section focuses on the aspects of Manager that deal with adding resources and information to an existing mission. This includes explanations of how to do the following:

Mission analyst experience

The mission analyst experience topics focus on using ArcGIS Mission Manager in active missions. This section includes explanations of how to do the following:

Web-tier authentication

ArcGIS Mission Manager supports web-tier authentication patterns such as built-in, IWA, PKI, and SAML, allowing users to log in to secure portals that have been configured for it. For more information, see Web-tier authentication.

QR Code

Manager users can view the QR code from any screen inside the ArcGIS Mission Manager app. This allows them to disseminate the code to Responder users for quick and efficient portal logins. Access the portal QR code by using the following steps:

  1. Open ArcGIS Mission Manager.
  2. Locate and click the QR code button at the top of the screen, near the profile icon.

    This can be done from any Manager screen.

  3. View the QR code.

From this view, the QR code can be scanned and used by ArcGIS Mission Responder users to enter the portal. Using the Print QR Code button allows you to disseminate the QR code in a variety of ways. This can be especially useful when preparing for a mission, as it ensures all Responder users can enter the portal easily and quickly as the mission begins.