View the Participants panel

The Participants panel is comprised of the lists of members and teams that are part of the mission. Each list displays specific information about the mission's members and teams, respectively. You can search and filter both lists.

The Participants panel also includes the View All and Show Tracks tools. The View All tool allows users to open a complete list of all mission members and teams, and to see how they are organized. It is a read-only list, used only to display the way in which the mission has been organized.

The Show Tracks tool allows mission analysts to display location tracks that have been created by Responder users during the mission. Tracks can be present or historical, and can be sorted by mission member. To view member tracks, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the mission analyst view for your mission.
  2. Click Show Tracks in the Participants panel.
  3. Check the check boxes next to the names of the mission members whose tracks you want to display. Alternatively, if you want to display all the tracks created in the mission, you can check the check box next to Member Name to select them all.
  4. Click Apply.

The selected members' tracks are displayed on the mission map, and can be selected for more information.

Tracks can also be displayed as a heat map, which shows track density, rather than the individual tracks. This option can be selected before step 4 in the above workflow.

Members list

The Members list displays a list of every mission member assigned to the mission. The list is ordered by connection status, then alphabetical order. Each member is also displayed with the following:

  • Profile avatar—If the user has created a profile in the portal that includes an avatar, it is displayed next to their name.
  • Device—The current device the member is using to connect to the mission. A member can be connected to the mission through ArcGIS Mission Manager, ArcGIS Mission Responder, or both.
  • Lock On Member—Locks and follows a ArcGIS Mission Responder user's movement on the mission map.
  • Connection Status—The current status of each mission member.
    • Green—The member is currently connected to the mission and has the mission map open in their active browser tab.
    • Yellow—The member is currently away. This indicates that the member has the mission open but is not currently viewing the mission map.
    • Gray—The member is not connected to the mission.

To filter the members list by connection status, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the mission analyst view.
  2. Click All Members in the Participants panel.

    The drop-down menu of user statuses appears.

  3. Click the status you want to filter by.

The status you selected replaces All Members, and the members list changes to display only those users in the selected status.

Click a mission member’s avatar to display details about the person. This includes their role in the mission, device information (if the member is connected to the mission), qualifications, bio, contact information, and assigned teams. These details are also available on the Members and Teams tabs.

Teams list

The Teams panel displays an alphabetized list of all the teams created for the mission and includes the following tools:

  • Last Known Location—Zooms the map extent to show the most recent location of all the members of the team
  • View Members in Mission Team—Displays the members of the team

The teams list also allows you to display all the mission teams, or just those you belong to, by selecting the option at the top of the panel.

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