What is ArcGIS Mission Responder

ArcGIS Mission Responder is a mobile app in ArcGIS Mission that allows participants in the field to engage in active missions. The app is designed for mission participation; you cannot create or edit a mission in Responder. There are various capabilities and uses for mission participation. ArcGIS Mission Responder features the following:

  • Mission map and map options
  • Chats
  • Tasks
  • Reports
  • Materials

You can use these tools to participate in missions, fulfill your unique role, work with other users, and be overseen by ArcGIS Mission Manager.

Use ArcGIS Mission Responder

You can begin using ArcGIS Mission Responder as soon as you are a member of an active mission. Your mission owner can set the mission to an active status before the actual start time, which will allow you to use the mission overview features to prepare for the mission. Once in the mission, you can view locations of other mission members and communicate with them in real time. You can also do the following:

  • Download offline maps.
  • Download materials.
  • Carry out assigned tasks.
  • Submit reports.
  • Review the mission map.
  • Review the mission members and mission teams.
  • Chat with users in your mission.

For more information about ArcGIS Mission Responder and its capabilities, see Introduction to ArcGIS Mission Responder.