What is ArcGIS Mission Manager

ArcGIS Mission Manager is a web app you can use to create, interact with, and organize missions. It provides a variety of tools and capabilities that can be used for the following:

  • Creating mission maps
  • Organizing mission members and teams
  • Participating in active missions
  • Overseeing mission members during missions
  • Managing activity from Responder users during active missions

When you create a mission, you can use map tools, provide supporting materials, and assign specific roles to users to prepare for a successful mission. You can track other users in Responder, update graphics, and provide new information as necessary in real time.

ArcGIS Mission Manager in ArcGIS Mission

ArcGIS Mission has three components: Manager, Responder, and Server. Most of the preparation for a mission is done through ArcGIS Mission Manager, so a large part of your work happens before the mission begins. This includes creating and organizing the mission maps, setting up teams, and adding materials to your mission. During an active mission, you can begin tracking the location and activity of Responder users, make updates to the mission map, and relay information between teams and members.

Use ArcGIS Mission Manager

You use Manager to create the mission. Once a mission is created, mission owners can update the mission status to draft, active, or complete. In Manager , you can also do the following:

  • Add or edit the mission details.
  • Create and edit the mission map.
  • Add and remove members from a mission.
  • Create mission teams.
  • Create custom reports and leverage report templates.
  • Create tasks and reports for other mission members.
  • Monitor the mission feed containing chats, tasks, and reports.
  • Add materials to help mission members.

For more information about how ArcGIS Mission Manager works and its capabilities, see Introduction to ArcGIS Mission Manager.