Mission tasks

The Task tool provides focused communication between Manager and Responder users regarding specific actions during a mission. Tasks can also be linked to reports, requiring a report to be submitted before a task can be completed.

Tasks are created in Manager with a few specific details but can be edited by mission analysts after they are created. The details required for a task to be created are name, description, and location. Optional details are task priority, due date, and due time.

Tasks are assigned to a single Responder or Manager user to be fulfilled as part of their mission responsibilities. Responder and Manager users can create notes and attach images to any task. For more information about submitting a task in Responder, see Tasks.

Every task has a status, which can be changed by either the mission analyst who created it or the Responder or Manager user it is assigned to. By default, tasks are in the Unassigned status until a mission member has been assigned, but they can be changed to Assigned, In Progress, Paused, or Completed as appropriate.

Tasks are displayed on the mission map, represented by a point. This point changes color to reflect the task's status, allowing you to identify and distinguish them from other map features and determine their level of completion.