Chats with sketches in ArcGIS Mission

Adding a sketch to any chat in ArcGIS Mission allows users to create location-based map graphics during a mission that are included in a chat thread. This allows users to communicate geographic information quickly to other mission members.


Because sketches contain geographic information and can be paired with text and image attachments, they are sometimes referred to as geomessages. These terms can be interchangeable, but the term geomessage is most often used to refer to a sketch that has been paired with text or other information.

The inclusion of sketches in a chat thread has some advantages over using multiple separate tools, such as the following:

  • Allow mission members to optimize their communication.
  • Share mission events or new map features.
  • Ensure that new mission data is only visible to the mission members who need it.
  • Avoid map tool clutter and overuse of chat tools.
  • Allow analysts to track mission events and user activities precisely.

Both ArcGIS Mission Manager and ArcGIS Mission Responder include sketch tools that have identical functions, but they work slightly differently. For details about these tools, read about chat sketches in ArcGIS Mission Manager and the Sketch tool in ArcGIS Mission Responder.