Create a New Mission tab

The Create a New Mission tab is the starting point for Manager roles with the supported privileges to begin the process of creating missions. During this process, you can define information about the mission, such as a name and summary, and choose a new or existing web map as your mission map. For a basic workflow, see Create a mission workflow.


The Create a New Mission tab is only available to users with the Owner or Administrator role.

A new mission creates resources that are used throughout the mission for situational awareness and communication. Some of these resources include a group to add and remove mission members, a mission map to visualize and interact with the mission, and supporting layers to view, capture, and create mission chats, tracks, tasks, and reports.

In this section, you'll learn how to add mission details on the Create a New Mission tab, and choose a new or existing map to use as your mission map.

Once you are satisfied with the initial mission creation, click Create New Mission. Once the mission has been created, you can view its details.


A dialog box appears and displays the progress of the creation of your new mission. If the initial mission creation fails, the dialog box lists where the mission creation process failed.