Responder profile

ArcGIS Mission Responder users must sign in to their ArcGIS Enterprise portal before they can access their missions (see Access ArcGIS Mission Responder for details). After signing in to Responder, you can access your Responder profile by tapping the connection status icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Your Responder profile contains information about your version of Responder and about ArcGIS Mission as a whole. It includes settings that allow you to change how you or your device interact with the mission.

You can find the following on your Responder profile screen:

  • User name
  • Sign out
  • Connection status and Connection Status Key
  • Location settings
  • Peer-to-peer settings
  • Background messages
  • About Mission Responder
  • Quick help

The default options are recommended for most users. It is recommended that you do not change them without direct instruction from your organization or administrator. Doing so may impair Responder functionality.

User name

This displays your name and the user name assigned to you in your organization's ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

Sign out

The sign out option on your profile page is the only place you can sign out of Responder. Signing out closes your active mission and returns you to the home screen. However, your portal URL is stored and may be selected again for future sessions.


Closing the app does not sign you out.

Connection status and Connection Status Key

Your connection status is displayed by the icon to the right of the sign out option. The connection status icon is always displayed while Responder is open and dynamically updates as your connection status changes. Tap this icon on the Responder profile page to open the Connection Status Key, which is a graphic that explains what the specific status icons indicate.

Location settings

The location settings page allows you to change your location reporting strategy. This changes the rate at which the app reports your location to the mission server and therefore the interval of time your location is updated in the mission.

The following reporting strategies are available:

  • Static rate — This option sets your location reporting interval at a constant rate.
  • Dynamic rate — This option changes your location reporting interval based on your movement speed. The faster your movement, the more frequently the app reports your location, down to a preset minimum interval.

These settings can affect battery life and server functionality under certain circumstances.

Peer-to-peer settings

These settings reflect the addresses and ports used for peer-to-peer reporting and communication. You should only change these settings under direct guidance from your organization or administrator.

Background messages

These settings allow you to toggle on or off whether you will send your location tracks and receive messages if the app is in the background.


This setting determines whether the app allows messaging in the background, which is distinct from the notifications setting below.

The following three settings further customize your background messages:

  • Always — Report your location and receive message traffic as long as Responder is installed.
  • When device is in use — Report your location and receive message traffic only while the device is active.
  • When app is in use — Report your location and receive message traffic only while the ArcGIS Mission Responder app is active.


This setting allows you to choose whether you will receive notifications of message traffic when the app is in the background.

About ArcGIS Mission Responder

Tap this page to display detailed information about ArcGIS Mission Responder, including the app's version number, build, and other information. You can also provide feedback about the app.

Quick help

Tap the Quick help tool to open an installed PDF guide containing helpful tips about the tools and functions of the app.