Mission Teams and Members tab

ArcGIS Mission Responder has two types of user, Mission Members and Team Members, and they are described as follows:

  • Mission members are users who have been assigned to the mission. A user cannot view or access a mission without having been assigned to it. The mission members list includes users who are assigned to a team and those who are not.
  • Team members are mission members who have been assigned a particular job or role in the mission. This is done based on criteria given by the user's organization and does not necessarily reflect the user's permissions or the way they interact with the mission. A mission can have any number of teams, and mission members can belong to any number of teams.

The Mission Teams and Members tab includes a list of teams, a list of members, and a search bar. For teams, only the team names appear, while members are displayed with their name, the teams they are assigned to (if any), and their mission status. Active members are displayed with an icon under their name, showing how they are connected to the mission, whether as a Responder or a Manager. The search bar can be used to filter or find teams or members in the lists.

Tapping the Overflow button next to a team or member gives the option to chat with them, or to view their location on the map. This option takes you into the active mission and changes your mission status to active. For more information, see Responder Chat.

The mission teams list always appears above the mission members list. If no teams have been created, a message appears stating such. Tap a team to see the mission members who are a part of it. Tapping the Overflow button next to a team gives the option to view the team location on the mission map or to send a chat to the entire team.

Tap a mission member from a team or the mission members list to see the following:

  • User name
  • Location
  • Last reported location time
  • Speed
  • Course
  • Battery power

The option to chat with a member is also available from the same screen.