What's new in ArcGIS for Power BI

The August 2023 update to ArcGIS for Power BI includes enhancements. Highlights are provided below.


  • Basemaps—The Basemap tool is now more intuitive to use. Previously, settings for this tool were managed from the Visualizations pane. Now, when the Basemap tool is turned off and you drag data into a Power BI field well, the Basemap tool is automatically turned on, allowing you to update the basemap. Click Reset to default or turn off the Basemap tool on the Format visual tab in the Visualizations pane or clear the field well to remove the Basemap tool from the map tools.
  • Time slider—When you select features on a time-aware layer and run the time animation, only the features visible during the specified time period are visible when playing the animation.
  • Additional support, bug fixes, and improvements to the user interface have been made.

If you have an idea for additional functionality or an enhancement for ArcGIS for Power BI, tell the team about it at the ArcGIS Ideas site. You can also visit the ArcGIS for Power BI Esri Community page to learn more and to join the conversation.

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