Rename a layer


You need the following account and license types to use this workflow:

  • Microsoft license—You need a Microsoft 365 license, role Contributor or higher, to use this workflow.
  • ArcGIS account type—Standard users can perform the basic functions of this workflow; you do not need to sign in.

You can rename a layer to better describe its contents or purpose.

See Layers to learn more about layers.

To rename a layer, complete the following steps:

  1. From the map tools, click the Layers button Layers.

    The Layers list appears on the map.

  2. In the Layers list, double-click the name of the layer you want to rename.

    A text box appears.

  3. Type a new name for the layer in the text box, and press Enter.

    The layer's new name is saved and appears in the Layers list.