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Geocode a single list item


The ArcGIS Online (NA) and ArcGIS Online (EU) geocoders were retired on December 31, 2013. See Legacy geocoding and routing services at will be retired on December 31, 2013 for more information. Batch geocoding is now available through the World Geocoding Service included with an ArcGIS Online organizational subscription.

In addition to spatially enabling entire SharePoint lists, the ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow allows you to spatially enable individual list items. To do so, associate the ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow with a list. See Geocode lists containing address data for more information. You can then run the workflow on an individual list item as follows.

  1. Browse to the list and check the check box for the list item to geocode.
  2. On the Items tab, click Workflows.


  3. Under the Start a New Workflow section, click the button beside the name of the ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow that has been associated with the list.

    In the following example, the workflow is named StoreLocationsWorkflow:

    Start a New Workflow

    When the workflow starts, the list appears in the browser window, and includes a column that shows the workflow's status.