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Configure enterprise logins

You can specify your ArcGIS organization's subdomain to enable enterprise logins across your SharePoint site collection. Configuring enterprise logins allows members of your organization to sign in to ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint using the same credentials they use to access your enterprise information systems. The advantage of setting up enterprise logins is that members do not need to create additional logins within the ArcGIS platform; instead, they can use the account that is already set up within their enterprise system.


You must be a SharePoint site collection administrator to access the ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint administration menu and configure the app.

To configure enterprise login, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Site Settings page of the site.
  2. Under the ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint Administration heading, click App Configuration.

    The ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint configuration page opens.

  3. Edit the value of the ArcGIS or Portal URL field to point to the subdomain of your ArcGIS Enterprise portal instance or ArcGIS Online organization.

    For example: https://<mysubdomain>

    Enterprise login configuration is complete.

  4. To disable enterprise login and revert to the default ArcGIS sign in method, reset the ArcGIS or Portal URL to