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Set geotagging attributes

After you add a reference layer to an ArcGIS Map Search map, you specify which attribute from the layer's data to use for geotagging. Later, when users drag documents onto the configured layer, that attribute is used to generate a geospatial tag (or geotag) for those documents. This allows users to easily find documents related to a specific location simply by clicking the appropriate location on the map.

You can specify one spatial attribute for each reference layer in your map. When your map contains several layers, you can simultaneously geotag documents with multiple locations and attributes depending on the reference layers you added and how you configured them. For example, if you have different layers representing U.S. states, counties, and custom oil well locations, you can geotag related documents using all three attributes. Users can then search for geotagged documents by clicking different layers or areas of the map to refine their search or use keywords to locate documents tagged with those terms.


You can set geotagging attributes only for ArcGIS feature service layers and layers created from SharePoint data.


The ArcGIS Map Search app part must be in edit mode for changes to persist in the map.

To set the geotagging attribute for a reference layer, do the following:

  1. On your ArcGIS Map Search map-enabled SharePoint page, place the page and the app part in edit mode.
  2. On the map toolbar, click Layers to open the Add layers pane.
  3. Hover over the layer you want to configure to display the Layer options button Layer options.
  4. Click the Layer options button to display the drop-down menu and choose Geotagging attributes.

    The Geotagging attributes pane appears. By default, when you add a new reference layer to the map, no attributes are set until one or more checkboxes are checked.

  5. In the Fields list, check the box beside an attribute to use to define location.

    The Tag preview updates to show a preview of the first five unique values in the data related to the chosen attribute.

    Set geotagging attributes
  6. Choose more geotagging attributes if desired. Although there is no maximum number of attributes that you can add, adding many geotagging attributes may cause performance issues while searching. Using fewer than five geotagging attributes is recommended.
  7. By default, attributes are listed in alphabetical order in the Fields pane. To view selected attributes first, click Show selected on top.
  8. Click OK.

    In the Layers pane, layers that have been configured with a geotagging attribute appear with a tag icon tag icon next to the layer name.

    Geotagged layers
  9. To change existing tags, repeat the procedure, choosing different attributes from the list.
  10. Click Apply in the ArcGIS Map Search app part configuration pane to save your changes and continue to work with the map. If you're finished working with the page, click Page > Save on the SharePoint ribbon.

You can customize the styling and display options for each layer to define what users will see when they open the man-enabled page, or the layer can be used immediately to geotag documents.