Configure Esri Maps

Set up an ArcGIS connection

As an administrator for your Salesforce organization, you need to set up your connection to ArcGIS Online.

  1. Sign in to Salesforce as an administrator.
  2. Click or select Setup, click Installed Packages and click Configure.
  3. In Configurations, click Setup Connection and confirm the ArcGIS Connection URL is correct. Click Sign In.
  4. Sign in on the Esri Maps for Salesforce login page using your ArcGIS Online organizational account. This account should be assigned to an organization role with the appropriate privileges as described below. Click Sign In.
    • Administrative privileges—View items owned by members.
    • General privileges—Create, update, and delete items.

    For more information, see Organization roles.

  5. Once verified, the Setup Connection dialog box appears. Click Save and Close.

Set up user profiles

After installation of Esri Maps for Salesforce, only users in the Salesforce administrator profile can see the app. The app must be enabled for profiles and permission sets and must be assigned to users before they can use the Esri Maps app.

  1. In Esri Maps for Salesforce, click the drop-down menu and click Setup. Click Manage Users.
  2. Click Profiles. Click the profile name to grant Esri Maps for Salesforce access.
  3. Click Edit. Check the Esri Maps check box. Click Save.

Set up permission sets

Assign permission sets to individual users to grant or restrict access to Esri Maps for Salesforce features.

  1. Click the Users drop-down menu and click Setup.
  2. Click Manage Users and click Users. Click the user name to assign a permission set.
  3. At the top of the page, click Permission Set Assignments. Click Edit Assignments. Add one of the permission sets as described below. Click Save.
  4. Permission sets

    Permission Set


    Tabs visible to a user

    Esri Maps Viewer

    View maps generated by Esri Maps for Salesforce.

    Esri Maps, Map Gallery

    Esri Maps Author

    Author maps with Esri Maps for Salesforce with the ability to create and save maps.

    Esri Maps, Map Gallery

    Esri Maps Administrator

    Configure the ArcGIS Online connection, create and update maps, locate workflows and custom data templates with Esri Maps for Salesforce.

    Esri Maps, Map Gallery, Workflow Gallery, and Configuration