Add data from Salesforce

Once you've created a map, you can add Salesforce records as a new layer. With your Salesforce records on the map, you can quickly see your information in pop-ups and view demographic reports to gain new insights into the locations that are important to you.

  1. On the Add data menu, select from Salesforce.
  2. Choose the object you want to map. Only objects with available data templates appear.
  3. Choose the view or filter criteria.
  4. Choose the data template. Preconfigured data templates define the location settings and the fields that appear when you click a record in this layer. These can be added by an administrator.
  5. Use the layer name drop-down menu to select the data layer properties.

    The Zoom to layer check box is checked by default and will zoom to the layer on the map.

  6. Click Add data to map.

A layer containing the data is added to the map and is listed in the Contents pane.