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What's new

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is regularly updated to provide new features, improved speed, better usability, and bug fixes. Here are some highlights of this update:

  • New integrated user interface provides quick access to map tools without obscuring the map.
  • Report designers can now use the visual's Format pane to create and design maps.
  • ArcGIS demographics updated for 2020.
  • Intelligent defaults automatically generate compelling maps based on the nature of your data.
  • Improved sign in experience for ArcGIS users.
  • Lock the map extent to a specific view so that the map doesn't automatically zoom while they work. Consumers see the map exactly as you intended.
  • Improved Search feature lets consumers look for an address or place of interest and use the results to perform analysis.
  • Maps only display secure content after a user signs in using an account with the appropriate permissions.
  • Multiple bug fixes and UI improvements have been made.