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ArcGIS Maps for Power BI takes your map visualizations to the next level with the world’s leading spatial analytics. This built-in Power BI feature provides enhanced mapping capabilities, demographic data, and compelling maps.
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Get started for free, or receive added benefits with a Plus or ArcGIS Online subscription. Tap into the largest collection of global, ready-to-use location information curated from Esri and its authoritative partners. Signing in allows you to unlock more capabilities in ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, including global demographics, more basemaps, and the ability to view more locations on your maps.

Customize how features are displayed on the map
Go beyond shading and tinting

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI includes a set of map tools that let you customize the contents of your map and how they're displayed, providing deeper insight into your data.

Aggregate data into clusters
Aggregate data into clusters

When you add a large number of features to a map, it's often difficult to visually extract meaningful information if hundreds of points overlap. Clustering groups of features within a certain distance of one another makes it easier to quickly analyze your data.

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Add infographics cards to your map
View contextual information about your data

Add infographics cards to quickly view contextual information about the areas surrounding the data features on your map, including population, age distribution, or income levels, among others.

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Show many variables at once
Display multiple variables at once

In addition to location fields, you can add other data fields to a map to better tell your story.

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