Cisco Kinetic EFM

The Cisco Kinetic EFM feed type can receive events from a Cisco Kinetic Edge and Fog Processing Module (EFM), when the Cisco system is exposing messages over the MQTT protocol.

For more information on Cisco Kinetic EFM, see Cisco Kinetic EFM documentation.


  • A data analyst wishes to ingest their sensor data made available by their Cisco Kinetic platform.
  • A transportation agency configures a feed in ArcGIS Analytics for IoT to consume IoT sensor information collected by roadside gateways running Cisco Kinetic EFM.

Usage notes

  • Cisco Kinetic EFM connection properties can be obtained from the Cisco Kinetic application.
  • After configuring feed connection properties, see Configure input data to learn how to define the schema and the key properties.


ParameterExplanationData Type


The hostname of the Kinetic EFM broker.

Prefix with tcp:// for non-SSL and ssl:// for SSL connections.



The port on which the Kinetic EFM broker is available.



The username for basic authentication.



The password for basic authentication.


Client ID

Specifies the Client ID Analytics for IoT will use to connect to the Cisco broker.


Many brokers require a unique Client ID for every client connected. It is recommended not to reuse the same Client ID specified in other feeds or applications.



The topic over which event messages are streaming.


Quality of Service Level

The Quality of Service (QoS) level defines the guarantee of delivery for a specific message.

  • 0: At most once - the message is sent only once and the client and broker take no additional steps to acknowledge delivery (fire and forget).
  • 1: At least once - the message is re-tried by the sender multiple times until acknowledgement is received (acknowledged delivery).
  • 2: Exactly once - the sender and receiver engage in a two-level handshake to ensure only one copy of the message is received (assured delivery).


Considerations and limitations

  • The Cisco Kinetic EFM host must be externally accessible on the Internet.