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What's new

The June 2019 release of Insights for ArcGIS includes updates to maps, charts, tables, and data in Insights Online and Insights Enterprise. The first beta release of Insights Local is also available for current Insights Online and Insights Enterprise users.


Insights Enterprise 3.3 is compatible with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1. Insights Enterprise 3.3.1 is compatible with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 and 10.7.1. For more information on version compatibility, see Compatibility with ArcGIS Enterprise.

Insights Local

Insights Local is a desktop deployment of Insights for ArcGIS. With Insights Local you can take your analysis anywhere you take your computer. When an Internet connection is available, you can sign in to your ArcGIS organization to access data and services that are not available offline.

Insights Local is currently in beta but will be available to current Insights Online and Insights Enterprise users within a few weeks of the June 2019 Insights Online release and the Insights Enterprise 3.3 and 3.3.1 release. Administrators for organizations with Insights licenses will receive an email with instructions for accessing the Insights Local installer.

Insights Local can be installed locally on macOS or Windows computers.


Scripting capabilities in Insights Enterprise are currently in beta. The second beta release of scripting capabilities includes the ability to edit and run previously executed cells, add a script to a model, and export the scripting history to the data pane. For more information, see Use the scripting environment.

The scripting environment is also available in the Insights Local beta.

User profile

User profiles—including personal information, settings, and password—can now be viewed and edited in Insights. Profiles in Insights are a condensed version of your ArcGIS profile.

Maps with pie and column chart symbols

Maps with pie chart symbols and column chart symbols are new map visualizations that display multiple categories for a single feature. Datasets with multiple categories associated with a single feature are often created as the result of a one-to-many join or by enabling location with aggregated features.

Add data from a file

Shapefiles can now be uploaded to use in a workbook along with Excel workbooks and CSV files. Shapefiles must be stored in a zipped folder.

Export data

Feature layers can now be exported as shapefiles and CSV files. Exporting data allows you to share your data with colleagues and use your data in other applications, such as ArcGIS Pro or Excel.

Share pages, themes, and models

In Insights Local, pages, themes, and models can be saved locally. Pages can also be shared to an ArcGIS organization. You must be connected to the Internet and signed in to an Insights Online or Insights Enterprise account to share items to the organization.

Summary tables

Summary tables now support unlimited string fields. Using multiple string fields allows you to see groupings of data based on interacting categories.

Fields can now be added and removed from summary tables using drop zones. This feature allows you more control over your summary tables and more flexibility while performing analysis.

Chart and table statistics

Median and percentile statistics are now supported for charts that aggregate numeric variables (for example, bar charts) and summary tables. The percentile is customizable using a text box (for example, to see the 75th percentile, enter 75 in the text box).

Insights viewers

Organization members with viewer capabilities in Insights can now access the home page, where shared pages and workbooks are available to open in viewer mode.

Supported browsers

Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported for Insights Online or Insights Enterprise. See Supported browsers for a list of alternative browsers.

Insights documentation

The Insights documentation has been redesigned to include the information for all Insights deployments in a single location. You can now read the documentation for Insights Online, Insights Enterprise, and Insights Local without switching between documentation versions.


The ArcGIS Blog has new posts about Insights. Use the Insights for ArcGIS tag to find news and tips for using Insights. The ArcGIS YouTube channel also includes an Insights for ArcGIS playlist that can be used to find other helpful tips.

The three quick lessons are a great resource to help you get started with Insights or for inspiration in your analysis. In these lessons, you will follow a single scenario from start to finish. You will create your first workbook, solve a spatial problem, and share your analysis. Each of the lessons can also be completed on its own without the context of the other lessons.