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Supported functions of GeoAnalytics Server


GeoAnalytics Server is not supported in Insights for ArcGIS version 3.2 or later.

Insights for ArcGIS now has support for hosted feature layers with data stored in the spatiotemporal big data store. This feature is in Preview mode, so full support has not yet been enabled. ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server can be used to create and analyze data in the spatiotemporal big data store.

If GeoAnalytics Server is configured for ArcGIS Enterprise, Insights will use GeoAnalytics Tools when performing analysis against feature layers from the spatiotemporal big data store. GeoAnalytics Server accelerates analysis by distributing the workload across multiple machines. To provide a seamless user experience, when GeoAnalytics Server is not configured, standard analysis tools will be used for the analysis.