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Connect to a kernel gateway


The Insights scripting environment is available in Insights Enterprise and Insights Local.

The scripting environment is currently in beta, but it is publicly available to all Insights Enterprise users.

A Jupyter Kernel Gateway connection allows you to access kernels within the Insights scripting environment, where you can create and execute Python and R scripts. The connections you create will exist within a single workbook session only. Therefore, you will need to create a new connection every time you open a workbook.

You must set up a Jupyter Kernel Gateway before you can create a connection to the gateway.

Create a connection

Use the following steps to create a new connection to a kernel gateway:

  1. Open a workbook. Select data you want to add to your workbook, if necessary.

    You can also load data from within the scripting environment.

  2. Click the Scripting button Scripting on the workbook toolbar.

    If you have no existing connections, the New Jupyter Kernel Gateway connection window opens.

  3. Enter the URL and web socket addresses for your Jupyter Kernel Gateway in the text boxes.
  4. Click Connect.

After your connection is created, you can use the Select Kernel menu to choose a programming language (Python or R) and start using the console.

Edit a connection

If you've already created a connection in your current session, click the Scripting button Scripting to open the Jupyter Kernel Gateway window. You can connect to a different gateway using the Switch Connections button Switch Connections.