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What's new

The March release of Insights for ArcGIS includes a redesigned home page, support for distributed collaboration, and a new Insights Analyst user type.

Home page

The Insights home page has been updated with enhanced design and functionality. The home page now includes the most recently created or updated workbooks, items on your Favorites list, statistics based on your Insights usage, and a list of new features in the current Insights release. The home page can also be used for the following processes:

For more information, see Home page.

Enable location

The Repeat identical features parameter can be used when enabling location on your data using addresses or coordinates. This parameter determines whether features in the same location will be added to a map separately or aggregated together.

For more information, see Enable location.

Distributed collaboration

Insights items are now supported in distributed collaborations when using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 and Insights 3.2.1 or ArcGIS Online.


The new Insights Analyst user type is now available. Insights Analysts have all of the privileges required to use Insights without the extra capabilities obtained through a Creator or GIS Professional user type. Insights Analysts still require a Publisher or Administrator role to use Insights, but an Insights license is not required.

For more information, see Licensing.

Learn ArcGIS lesson

The Learn ArcGIS lesson Understand the Refugee Crisis with Link Analysis has been updated for the latest release of Insights. The scenario-based exercise teaches you how to create and interpret a link map to help understand the movement of refugees and displaced persons.


The ArcGIS Blog has new posts about Insights. Use the Insights for ArcGIS tag to find news and tips for using Insights. The ArcGIS YouTube channel also includes an Insights for ArcGIS playlist, which can be used to find other helpful tips.

The three quick lessons are a great resource to help you get started with Insights, or if you are looking for some inspiration in your analysis. In these lessons you will follow a single scenario from start to finish. You will start by creating your first workbook, then solve a spatial problem, and finally share your analysis. Each of the lessons can also be done on its own without the context of the other lessons.