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What's new

The newest released version of Insights for ArcGIS includes new analysis capabilities, chart types, and map types. The main aspects of the latest release are link analysis and regression analysis. Link analysis includes link maps and link charts and regression analysis includes the capability to create a regression model, predict variables, and create scatter plot matrix charts.

Link analysis

Link analysis is a technique that focuses on connections and relationships within a dataset. In Insights, link analysis can be performed using link maps and link charts.

A link map is used to visualize the relationship between different locations. The connections can be viewed as spider lines, which are undirected links between locations, or the direction and magnitude of the relationship can be incorporated to create a flow map.

A link chart shows the magnitude and direction of relationships between two or more categorical variables.

Regression analysis

The Create Regression Model tool can be used to model the relationship between a dependent variable and several explanatory variables. The tool uses the Ordinary Least Squares method to create the model.

The Predict Variable tool can be used in conjunction with the Create Regression Model tool to predict new number values in a dataset.

Function datasets are a new type of dataset that are created as an output from the Create Regression Model tool. Function datasets can be used to view regression stats and run the Predict Variable tool.

A scatter plot matrix is a grid of several scatter plots using up to five numeric variables.

Maps and charts

New color ramps are now available for maps styled by Counts and Amounts (Color) and some charts, such as heat charts.


Create Relationships can now be used to create spatial joins using the location fields from two or more datasets.


The ArcGIS YouTube channel includes an Insights for ArcGIS playlist, which can be used to find helpful tips.

The quick exercises are a great resource to help you get started with Insights, or if you are looking for some inspiration in your analysis. Using the quick exercises, you will create your first workbook, solve a spatial problem, and share your analysis.