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What's new

The September release of Insights for ArcGIS includes updates that allow your interactive presentations to include more context and branding. You now have control to use your organization's colors, logos, and options for communicating your narrative with shared analysis results. This release also supports public sharing of pages, new link analysis capabilities, a predefined filter widget, and KPI card.

Link analysis

Link charts and link maps have several new updates, including the following:

  • Link charts and link maps can now display three or more nodes. You can add extra nodes by displaying the Layer options pane and dragging a string field to the node that you want it to link to.
  • Eigenvector centrality was added as a new centrality method for link maps and link charts. Eigenvector centrality is a centrality method that calculates the influence of a node based on its connection to other influential nodes.
  • The Layer options pane for both link maps and link charts has been redesigned to include the Options tab Options, Style tab Style, and Legend tab Legend.
  • Links can now be displayed by unique values using a string field. You can set the links to unique values by setting the Type parameter in the Options tab.

Link charts now have three layout options: Force directed, hierarchical, and radial. The layout options allow you to customize the organization of the link chart based on the questions you are asking and the information you are looking for.

Page customization

Pages can be customized using a combination of colors, font sizes, images, and other settings. Customizing your page allows you to present your analysis effectively as well as use company colors and logos.

Text, hyperlinks, images, and videos can be added to a page using a text and media card.

A predefined filter card can be used to set a filter query on a page that can be used when the page is shared.

The legend can be added to the page to make it easier to understand your maps and charts.


Themes are templates that can be created on or applied to your page for sharing. A theme includes aspects of the page, such as colors, text and media, and card placement.


Map image layers can now be used in Insights. Map image layers are stored in ArcGIS Online and can be accessed in Insights from the Content, Groups, and Organization tabs in the Add To Pane window.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) cards are a new chart type that display key indicators compared to a target, either as a number or a gauge. A KPI card can be used to analyze the status of a measure.

The Action button Action is now available on chart and table cards. The button can be used to open the Analytics pane so that nonspatial analysis can be performed using the data on your card.

Chart axis labels can be edited using the Edit Labels button Edit Labels on the card, clicking the label, then typing a new label.

You can now change the outline color on charts using the Style tab Style of the layer options pane.


You can now change the color of symbols for maps and charts that use Unique Symbols as the symbol type, such as unique value maps, bar charts, bubble charts, and chord diagrams. The symbols can be changed from the legend by clicking the symbol and choosing a color from the palette or entering a hex code.

Advanced filters can be used to create an expression-based filter on your data at the dataset or card level. Advanced filters can be useful in situations in which the query is complicated, or some of the information is unknown or needs to be calculated.

Operators, such as +, >, <>, and OR, can now be accessed from the fx menu when calculating a field.

Shared pages and workbooks can now be shared publicly in the ArcGIS Online version of Insights. Sharing pages publicly is a good way to communicate your analysis outside of your ArcGIS Online organization, including by using an <iframe> to embed the page in a web site or story map. Sharing a workbook allows other Insights users to access all of your work, including analysis processes and data.


The ArcGIS Blog has new posts about Insights. Use the Insights for ArcGIS tag to find news and tips for using Insights. The ArcGIS YouTube channel also includes an Insights for ArcGIS playlist, which can be used to find other helpful tips.

The quick exercises are a great resource to help you get started with Insights, or if you are looking for some inspiration in your analysis. Using the quick exercises, you will create your first workbook, solve a spatial problem, and share your analysis.