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Welcome to Insights for ArcGIS!

Insights was released with the December, 2017 release of ArcGIS Online. The online version of Insights includes all of the functionality of the ArcGIS Enterprise version, with the exception of features that are specific to ArcGIS Enterprise, such as ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server and direct database connections. Here is an overview of what's new in Insights:


The Calculate Z-score tool is now available in the Find Answers tab of the Analytics pane under How is it distributed?. You can access the Analytics pane using the Action button Action.

The Cross Filter button can be used to change a selection into a filter. The filter will be applied to all cards where cross filters have been activated when a compatible selection is made on a different card. The filters are removed by clearing the selection.

Cross filters will be enabled on shared pages when they are enabled on cards before the page is shared.


Binned maps are now available as a new map type. Binned maps are useful for displaying large or clustered datasets. You can create a binned map for point features by choosing Bins as the Symbol type.


Bar and column charts created with two string fields can now be visualized as stacked charts. You can also switch between grouped and stacked charts using the Stack Bar Chart Stacked bar chart and Stack Column Chart Stacked column chart buttons.


You can now rename fields from within the data table by clicking to highlight the field. You can also rename a field using the Rename Field button Rename field in the data pane. Both methods of renaming fields make changes within your workbook, not to the underlying dataset. If you want to preserve your changes you can share your data to create a new feature layer.

Fields in data tables can now be auto-resized to fit the data by double clicking the field divider. Fields can also be resized manually by dragging the field dividers.


The ArcGIS Blog has new posts about Insights. Use the Insights for ArcGIS tag to find news and tips for using Insights. The ArcGIS YouTube channel also includes an Insights for ArcGIS playlist, which can be used to find other helpful tips.

The quick exercises are a great resource to help you get started with Insights, or if you are looking for some inspiration in your analysis. Using the quick exercises, you will create your first workbook, solve a spatial problem, and share your analysis.