ArcGIS Enterprise deployment requirements

Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise

A base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment is required to support Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise. The deployment must be licensed with ArcGIS Server Standard, ArcGIS Server Advanced, ArcGIS Server Workgroup Standard, or ArcGIS Server Workgroup Advanced. For a tutorial on how to create a base deployment, see Tutorial: Set up a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.

Before you set up your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, check Compatibility with ArcGIS Enterprise to verify supported Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise versions and their compatibility with ArcGIS Enterprise.


If ArcGIS Web Adaptor for ArcGIS Server is not configured to enable administrative access, ArcGIS Server must be configured to use a CA-signed certificate to support creating database connections.

Some organizations may require a CA-signed SSL certificate for ArcGIS Data Store. For more information, see Replace ArcGIS Data Store SSL certificate.

Next steps

After ArcGIS Enterprise is deployed, the next step is to configure the deployment. For more information, see Configure ArcGIS Enterprise to support Insights functionality.

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