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Add a legend

A legend is a way for a person viewing a map to discern meaning from the symbols on a map or the colors used on a chart. In Insights, a legend can also be used to make selections on a card or change the color of a symbol.

A legend card that has been added to the page will be grouped with the corresponding map or chart card. Therefore, moving the map or chart also moves the legend. The legend is also updated automatically when changes are made to the map or chart, such as color or symbol changes.

Add a map legend

Legends are available for all map types.

To add a legend for a map, use the following steps:

  1. If necessary, click the Legend button Legend on the map toolbar to display the map layers.
  2. Expand a layer Expand legend to view the Layer options pane.
  3. On the Legend tab Legend, click the Pop out legend button Pop out legend.
    Pop out a map legend

    A legend card is added to the page.


If your map contains more than one layer, you'll need to add a legend for each layer individually.

Add a chart legend

Legends are available for charts that are styled by unique values or a color ramp. Some charts, such as bar charts, are styled by a single symbol by default and need the Symbol type changed before a legend can be added. For other charts, such as a line graph, a Subgroup field may need to be added to change the chart to unique values.

  1. Click the Legend button Legend on the chart toolbar to display the Layer options pane.
  2. If your chart is styled using a single symbol, use the Options tab Options to change Symbol type to Unique symbols.
  3. Click the Legend tab Legend.
  4. Click the Pop out legend button Pop out legend.
    Pop out a chart legend

    A legend card is added to the page.

Change the legend style

Legends can be styled to give the legend the correct appearance for your maps and charts.

To change your legend, complete the following steps:

  1. Activate the legend card.

    The legend is active when the edges are resizable and the toolbar appears on the side.

  2. Click the Style button Style.

    The Card Style pane appears on the Color Options tab Color Options tab.

  3. Expand the background color palette and choose a color, either on the palette or using the hex code, or change the transparency of the card. Click the No Fill button next to the hex code box to remove the background.
  4. Click the Border Options tab Border Options tab.
  5. In the pane, change the Border Color, Border Width, and Border Style options. The border style None removes the border.
  6. Click the close button Close dialog to close the Card Style pane.
  7. Drag the corners and edges to resize the card so that the legend fits appropriately.