What's new

ArcGIS Insights 2020.3 includes updates to spatial analysis capabilities, enhancements to maps and charts, and additional functionality for datasets.


Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise 2020.3 is compatible with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1, 10.8, and 10.8.1. For more information on version compatibility, see Compatibility with ArcGIS Enterprise.

Spatial analysis

String fields can now be summarized using a mode statistic in both Spatial Aggregation and Find Spatial Mean. Mode is also available as a statistic in both tools for number and rate/ratio fields.

Maps and charts

Card filters with top and bottom n values are now available for bar charts and column charts. These filters display the top or bottom categories on the chart based on the summary statistic and the n value you set.

Maps with pie chart symbols and column chart symbols can now be styled using number fields to determine the size of the pie segment or height of the column. The count of features can also be used instead of a number field.

Scatter plot symbols can now be resized. Resizing symbols will help you create an effective scatter plot that is customized to the number and distribution of symbols on your chart.


You can now calculate geometries for line and polygon features. For lines, the length of each feature is calculated. For polygons, the area and perimeter are calculated.

Remote feature layers have been enhanced to support functionality that was previously unavailable, such as cross filters, binned maps, and advanced filters.

The Add to page window has been updated to make it quicker to find feature layers from your organization or your own content. The window automatically opens on the ArcGIS connection with layers from My content, My groups, My organization, or Boundaries displayed based on which content you viewed most recently.


A new lesson, Create a report in ArcGIS Insights, was recently released on the Learn ArcGIS website.

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