Open a workbook

A workbook is the location where you organize data and do analysis in ArcGIS Insights. Workbooks will contain any results and workflows that are used. A workbook and its corresponding analysis can be shared with other Insights users.


Simultaneous editing is not supported. If you open the same workbook in two different browser sessions, and changes are saved in one workbook, cards on the page—such as a bar chart or a map—will break. Close the browser session with the broken cards.

A workbook cannot exceed an overall file size of 10 MB for Insights in ArcGIS Online and Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise or 120 MB for Insights desktop. The main contributor to increased file size is embedded images. You can check the workbook size on the item details page.

Create a workbook

To create a workbook in ArcGIS Insights, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Insights and sign in to access the home page. If you are already using a workbook, save your work and click the Home button Home to return to the home page.
  2. Click the Workbooks tab Workbooks.
  3. Click New workbook.

    A new workbook is created and the Add To Page window appears.

  4. Use the Add To Page window to add data, models, and themes to page 1 of your workbook as necessary.

    The data, models, and themes you add are page specific. Each page in your workbook has its own data, allowing you to explore different themes and scenarios on each page. You can drag datasets to add data to a new page, or add new data by clicking the Add button above the data pane.

  5. Name and save your workbook.
  6. Visualize your data as maps, charts, and tables and begin your analysis.

A workbook item is created in your organization. If you don't add a name and save your workbook, it will be identified as Untitled workbook.

Use existing workbooks

Existing workbooks can be opened within Insights or from your organization. The Workbooks page in Insights lists the workbooks that you created, as well as the folders where workbooks could be stored.

To open an existing workbook, find the workbook on the Workbooks page and click the item title or double click the item.

Shared workbooks

The Workbooks page lists the workbooks you can access. All accessible workbooks are displayed by default. You can view workbooks that have been shared with you by clicking the View items button View items and choosing Shared with me.

Workbooks that have been shared with you are available in a read-only format. You can duplicate a shared workbook to create a new, editable item. The duplicated workbook will be saved in your contents and will list your user account as the author.

Find the correct workbook

The Workbooks page is organized with workbooks listed from newest to oldest. The Favorites button Favorites can be used to view the workbooks on your favorites list. The View items button View items can be used to view your workbooks only, the workbooks that were created by other users in your organization and shared with you, or all of the workbooks accessible to you. The Sort button Sort can be used to sort the workbooks from Newest to oldest, Oldest to newest, A - Z, or Z - A. A Search box and filter button Filter can also be used to find workbooks based on keywords, the owner, the date modified, and tags. You can also use keywords to search for workbooks that are not listed.


Use the following resources to learn more about workbooks: