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Configure 311 for Indoors

To enable the 311 functionality in ArcGIS Indoors Web, it is required that you have Survey123 for ArcGIS configured in your portal. Once the survey form is set up and confirmed, you can add the Survey123 parameters to the Indoors Configuration table in the Indoors web map in ArcGIS Pro.

Required fields

Indoors Web can automatically populate an incident form with attribute values from the attributes from specific fields of the selected feature in the indoor map. The following field names are supported:

Survey123 fieldIndoors field




NAME_SHORT from the Levels feature class





Additional fields, such as Notes, can be present in the form, where you can enter values manually before submitting an incident.


Ensure that these Indoors fields have attribute values in your Indoors geodatabase.

Set the 311 URL

If your organization uses Survey123, share the survey form and create a link. The link can be customized to open the Survey123 form in a web browser when the 311 button is clicked. If your organization uses a different work order or workforce management system, get the link to open the incident form.

To configure the 311 URL in the Indoors Configuration table, see Set the 311 URL.