Update schema

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Spaces extension.

You may need to update or add layers to a web feature layer or update the schema of your Indoors data to enable functionality such as reservation managers. If you already have a web map that contains your authoritative indoor data in a web feature layer on ArcGIS Online (for example, if you have updated occupant and unit assignments in Space Planner), you can make necessary updates by exporting the web feature layer to a file geodatabase, adding the Area Roles table in ArcGIS Pro, and overwriting the web feature layer. This allows you to update the Indoors schema while maintaining updates to the data that have been made in Space Planner.


The Area Roles table must be shared as part of the same web feature layer as the Areas table and the Occupants and Units layers. This table is created by the Create Indoors Database tool at ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and later. If your data was created before ArcGIS Pro 3.0, you can update your existing indoor database to include the Area Roles table to enable Reservation management.

Complete the following steps to add the Area Roles table to a web feature layer:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization in a web browser.
  2. Browse to the item page for the web feature layer that contains the Areas table and Occupants and Units layers.
  3. Click Export Data and click Export To FGDB.
  4. Optionally, update the title and folder location.
  5. Click Export.

    The contents of the web layer are exported as a file geodatabase to the location you chose.

  6. Open the original map you shared for use in Space Planner in ArcGIS Pro.
  7. Update the data source for the layers to the feature classes and stand-alone table in the file geodatabase you exported.

    The map now reflects the data from the updated web feature layer.

  8. Add the Area Roles table to the map.
  9. On the Share tab, click Share Web Layer > Overwrite Web Layer.

    The Overwrite Web Layer dialog box appears.

    Learn more about overwriting web layers

  10. Choose the web feature layer you exported to a file geodatabase and click OK.
  11. Review the Overwrite Web Layer message and click OK to continue.

    The Overwrite Web Layer pane appears. On the General tab, under Item Details, the name of the web layer is displayed. The name can't be changed.

  12. Update the layer information as necessary.
  13. Click Analyze and address any errors.
  14. Click Publish to share the web layer.

The web feature layer now contains the Area Roles table. If you have already created a Space Planner app, you must create a new plan after overwriting the web layer to view options for setting reservation managers in the Hotels panel.