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Share location

ArcGIS Indoors provides a feature to share a location on the indoor map with others. Indoors for iOS can send and receive shared locations in the app of your choice, such as email and texting apps. A web-based URL containing the latitude, longitude, and floor level information is generated by the mobile apps when you use the Share button on the info card of any selected indoor feature. The share URL from Indoors for iOS can be opened in Indoors for Android.

A sample mobile app shared URL is https://<My Indoors portal>/portal/apps/indoors/?x=-117.195y=34.056&l=0.


A shared URL from Indoors for iOS can also be viewed in ArcGIS Indoors Web. Indoors Web must be deployed in the default apps folder of your portal for the link to work.

A sample web app URL is https://<My Indoors portal>/portal/apps/indoors/.