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Specifications for mobile devices for Indoors

Mobile devices with a minimum of 2 GB RAM are recommended for running ArcGIS Indoors. Most current mobile device makes and models meet this requirement.


Indoors uses data from different sensors on the mobile device, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radios, to determine indoor position. These sensors differ from device to device, so you may experience different precision of indoor position at a given location.

Supported devices

Most current devices are supported, including models from Google and Samsung.

Supported OS

Android 6 and later are supported (Android 8.1 is recommended).


Indoors can be installed and used on devices running the latest version of Android OS, version 9.0 (Pie). Google introduced Wi-Fi scanning optimizations in this version. You may experience less accurate indoor positioning if your facility has Wi-Fi based IPS for Android.