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Share location

ArcGIS Indoors provides a feature to share a location on the indoor map with others. A link containing the latitude, longitude, and floor level information is created when you click the Share button on the info card of any selected indoor feature.

The location link can be shared using apps on the device such as email, text, or instant messaging. If the member receiving the link has the Indoors app installed, it opens, showing the shared location, when they click the link. The location link from ArcGIS Indoors for Android can be shared with members that have ArcGIS Indoors for iOS.

Sample shared link—https://<My Indoors portal>/portal/apps/indoors/?x=-117.195y=34.056&l=0.


A shared location sent from Indoors for Android can also be viewed in ArcGIS Indoors Web if the mobile map includes a link to the Indoors Web app. This link directly opens the Indoors mobile apps.

To do this, set the value of INDOORSWEB_URL in the Indoors Configuration table in ArcGIS Pro to the URL of your Indoors Web app when you create the mobile map package. The shared link in this case includes the App ID.

Sample shared link with an App ID— https://<My Indoors portal>/portal/apps/indoors/index.html?appid=431ec99004b64bc5b30a4923f67e0c27&x=-117.195y=34.056&l=0.