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Enterprise - Configure your portal for Indoors

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

For ArcGIS Indoors for Android to be able to successfully connect to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal, it needs to be licensed for the ArcGIS Indoors extension and have users created with appropriate roles and types.

An ArcGIS Enterprise portal administrator must import the license file for ArcGIS Indoors into your portal. You can then set permissions for members of your organization and certain functionality in ArcGIS Pro. Once you set permission levels for members and enable access to ArcGIS Pro functionality, they can access the Indoors tools in ArcGIS Pro after they successfully connect and sign in to your Enterprise portal.

Import the license for Indoors

Perform the following steps to import the license file:

  1. Import the license file through your portal.
  2. Ensure that ArcGIS Indoors is listed as an organizational extension.
    1. Click the Organization tab and click Licenses.
    2. Click Organization extensions.
    3. Verify that ArcGIS Indoors is listed.

Configure the security certificate

Your portal must have a valid Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate from a trusted entity for the Indoors apps to connect and download maps safely. Mobile devices have built-in security features that prevent connections to servers that do not have a valid certificate.

If your organization uses self-signed or Enterprise CA certificates, the same certificate must be installed on every mobile device running Indoors for the device to establish trust with the server and connect safely.

To install certificates and view already installed certificates on the device, go to Settings > Security and location > Encryption and credentials.


If self-signed certificates are not installed on the mobile device, a dialog box repeatedly appears requiring credentials.

Configure the identity store

ArcGIS Enterprise is designed so that you can use enterprise accounts and groups to control access to your ArcGIS organization. Use an organization-specific identity store to set policies for password expiration and complexity, control access using existing Active Directory, LDAP, or SAML groups, or leverage authentication.


Indoors supports built-in authentication, IWA, SAML, LDAP, and PKI.

Create users and assign roles and types

When you create users, check the type of users available for details about assigning roles and access.

Set up access for ArcGIS Pro

Perform the following steps to set permissions for the members of your organization who need to use ArcGIS Pro:

  1. Assign the GIS Professional Advanced user type to the named users in your organization who you want to have access to ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Grant these named users access to the following extensions:
    1. 3D Analyst
    2. Data Interoperability
    3. Data Reviewer
    4. Network Analyst
    5. Production Mapping
  3. Assign these named users the Publisher role.

    Members of your organization who need to use ArcGIS Pro must connect to this portal before using the ArcGIS Indoors tools.

Anonymous access

Anonymous access is the ability to use Enterprise portal resources without supplying credentials. As an administrator of your organization, you determine whether anonymous access is allowed.

Learn more about configuring security settings


Visitor mode only works when anonymous access is enabled in your ArcGIS organization and when you have maps with the share setting set to Everyone. This mode is only available for Enterprise portals configured with built-in and SAML authentication.

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