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Manage site capabilities

Capabilities provide flexibility in how your site functions. For example, the app page capability determines whether a Story Map renders in your site, or if you'd rather, it opens in another browser window.

There are two types of capabilities: Standard and Beta options. Standard options are fully tested and released. Beta options, while still in development, enable you to test upcoming capabilities. To enable or disable a capability, follow these steps.

Enable or disable capabilities

You can manage your site's capabilities from within the Site Editor.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub at or by accessing the app within your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. Click the Sites tab to open the Site Manager.
  3. Find your site and click its title.
  4. Click the edit button to open the Site Editor. If you don't see the edit button on the far left, ensure that you're signed in and have privileges to edit content.
  5. Click Capabilities on the Customize panel.
  6. View available capabilities. Standard options are provided under Options and beta capabilities are listed under Beta.
  7. Click the toggle button to enable or disable a capability.
  8. When you're ready, click Save in the edit navigation bar to apply the changes to your site.

Geohash visualization

If you are sharing large datasets on your site, it's highly recommended that you enable the geohash capability for easier visualization of your data on the preview page. For datasets that are too large to be displayed at once, geohash visualization creates a grid of your dataset's features. As you zoom to a specific location, the grid adjusts to display specific geometry for the feature.

Document iFrames

If you have PDFs or other document links on your site, such as Word documents or external URLs, the Document iFrames capability displays the link's content directly on your site. If disabled, a provided link will open in a new tab or the document will download in the browser.

API Explorer

Enabling the API Explorer capability provides access for others to explore the Geoservices API, generate queries, and see the responses from the preview page. This can be useful for those who want to understand how data can be programmatically accessed and to enable others in building system integration with your ArcGIS data.

App page

If enabled, the app page capability renders Story Maps and Simple Map Viewers immediately on the preview page. If disabled, selecting these items in search will open them in a new browser window.

Private item views

This Beta Option allows signed-in people to view any ArcGIS item they have access to, whether that item is public or private.

Search route and API

This capability supports semantic search, enabling anyone to find data related to a keyword. It also allows people to access more content types, including apps, initiatives, events, and pages. Private data is also visible to those with appropriate access on a redesigned search page. For more information, read this blog post.

Local projections

Enabling this capability will cause shapefiles to be downloaded in their native projection, rather than the default, WGS84.


This Beta Option allows people to view dataset comments, and allows them to write comments on your datasets while signed in. This capability is only available for organizations that have licensed ArcGIS Hub premium.

Global navigation

Global navigation adds a navigation bar to the top of your site. This bar includes sign in, search, notifications, and user profile. If disabled, sign in will not be accessible to people who are viewing your site. For more information, read this blog post.